Monthly Archives: February 2014

Learning about blogging, twitter, and possibilities for a greater internet presence

As a newbie with a desire to enter the world of online networking, I joined a cohort of colleagues who are part of a University initiative called “A Domain of One’s Own.”  As a group we meet weekly to discuss both practical and philosophical issues surrounding our goal to expand our digital presence and explore the possibilities of digital scholarship as it relates to our own work and web presence.  I have already had some eye-opening moments of discovery such as a Google search of my name–no, I really had not done that before now–and am very interested to shape my public appearance on the web by gaining more control over the sort of information that is out there.  I also hope to link the various activities I engage in to one source which is why I now have my own webpage and which, as my technical skills develop, will include links to course blogs, sites where I contribute articles and posts, and other online content which is of current or long-term interest.

p.s.  I’ll post an opinion about the experience when I send my first tweet!  Right now I’m learning to navigate the feeds from the various members and groups I now “follow.”